About Stone Chasers...

Stone Chasers is a genealogical information site about cemeteries, finding lost cemeteries, digitizing monuments, reading monuments that are faded, genealogy brick walls, and brick wall successes.  We use tools such as:  Find-A-Grave, Ancestry, GPS, photography, close range photogrammetry to read weathered stones, interviews, and on-site visits.  Most cemeteries are found after wrong turns, wading overgrowth, and visiting local residents.  Once completed, we link our articles to family trees when able to share the genealogical information found.

The Stone Chasers members are David Winant and Sherry Winant, a husband and wife team.  Their children, Sam and Joe, routinely join the adventures.  They assist by monkeying over fences (non-posted) and crawling through underbrush.  They slip into tight spaces to photograph and read inscriptions that may lead to clues about the cemetery and the interred.

Through Find-A-Grave and Ancestry we have developed "on-line" relationships with friends seeking information about their ancestors. Please contact us if you think we might be able to help your search.

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