01 January 2015

Success at last!

We are going back over records from Alleghany County, Virginia, where Sherry's Dad's family comes from. We want to find a birth record for her grandfather, which we've never been able to find. So we are reviewing everything from Alleghany County.

We were reminded that Sherry's Great-Great-Grandmother, Cornelia Helmintoller, was supposedly buried in the Johnson-Helmintoller-Plymale Cemetery, which we spent some time in a few months ago and documented in Virginia Stones.

At the time, we didn't think much of it, and we didn't notice any Cornelias, or any Helmintollers or McKenneys we recognized. But Sherry double-checked that I photographed every stone, and called me back with the camera after I was ready to leave. She had found a headstone broken in half, and wanted a picture of it, so she supported the top half with her legs and I took the photo you see here.

Today, we were again reminded that Cornelia remarried after her first husband (Sherry's GG GF) died. She married a John O Fridley. And what this stone actually says is "Nelia, wife of J O Fridley". So not only did we find a picture of Sherry's Great-Great-Grandmother's tombstone, but it was a picture we took months ago without even realizing it.

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