06 September 2014

Bruebaker, Brubaker, Brubacher, Brewbaker

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As my husband and I research newspapers for genealogical clues, we stumble across articles that urges us to explore further.  Here are a few from the Bruebaker Family research collection.

Preemptive Undertaker

The Times, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 13 October 1889 and Lebanon Daily News, Lancaster, PA. 14 October 1889.   This story is reported differently by two newspapers.

"His Haste Lost Him a Job"


Genealogical tags:  Victoria Brubaker, single, born about 1868, lived in Lancaster, Pa in 1889:  

W.T.S. Gable, undertaker, lived in Lancaster, PA 1889 as an adult

Both articles are full of genealogical data. The first article, though short, reports her age and that is very helpful information when trying to locate other sources.  The second article fills in the gaps of what happened, who revived her, and what followed;  which leaves the reader with less questions.  The genealogical "gold" is listing Miss Brubaker and Mr.Gable's full names.

"Found Dying on a Grave"

Genealogical tags:  Elizabeth Victoria Brubaker, adult in 1889, lived in Lancaster, PA. 

Nephew died in 1887, buried in Lancaster Cemetery, and brother lived in New York.

William Gable an adult male in 1889, living in :Lancaster, PA.

Arm Amputated

15 March 1881, Staunton Spectator, Library of Virginia, http://www.lva.virginia.gov/

"Saw Mill"

"Arm Amputated"

These are the citizens that built our nation by conquering tragedy.  Through the information in the article I was able locate Gideon E. Brubaker in Page County, Virginia, who worked as a farmer in 1870 census and worked in a postal appointment in 1899.  The 1880 census notes he has a "leg off."  Gideon was born to Gideon C. & Mary Brubaker in 1849 and died in 1926. He never gave up.

Staunton Spectator 15 March 1881 — Library of Virginia

Genealogical tags:  Gideon E. Brubaker, lived in Page County, VA,1881, born 1849, died 1926. 

Father: Gideon C. Brubaker 

Mother: Mary Brubaker        

Used with permission of Project Gutenberg License included with this eBook or online at www.gutenberg.org/license

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