05 September 2014

Valley View Cemetery

This is a medium-sized cemetery, about 250 interments. It's on a nicely kept hillside in the middle of Summers County. Seriously the middle - if you bring up Summers County on Google Maps and keep zooming in, you will find it. But I will save you the trouble, here it is: 37.660327, -80.806826

Finding It

This one didn't have map coordinates in Find-A-Grave, but it did have a picture of the church nearby. And the obituaries I saw all mentioned "Powley's Creek". So we found Powleys Creek Road and located the church and cemetery on Google Earth and planned our trip.

The drive down to Hinton and out along the Greenbrier is very nice. Both our families used to travel it pretty often, since when I was growing up (and Sherry was a baby) it was the main route to the East until you could connect up to I-64 at Sam Black Church or Alta.

As we approached the start of Powley's Creek Road, Sherry said to pay attention to the tunnel. You couldn't see the tunnel until you were right on it, and I have no idea how she knew it was there, but we found it and made the turn up the road. The tunnel is about 60 feet long, and Sherry got some nice pictures from the inside.

We continued up the road and found the church and the cemetery right where we expected. The scenic beauty of the place is breathtaking.


We started our usual process. We had thirteen photo requests to look for, and since the cemetery was only about 40% photographed, we decided to get as many photos as we could. Taking the photos is pretty easy, especially for upright stones in good condition.

Sherry went and chatted with a man who was clearing a downed tree from the field. He said his friend took care of keeping the cemetery mowed, which we appreciated.

We stopped off at Kirks on the way home for ice cream and a snack. The boys enjoy watching the ducks swim on the river.


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